2020 Census Jobs

The US Census is still working to recruit census takers for the 2020 Census. The US Census will hire thousands of census takers for Northern California.

Census takers are temporary federal employees. Census taker pay for Sutter County is $18 per hour plus 58¢ per mile. Training is provided and census takers are paid while in training. Work hours are flexible. This is a good opportunity for those who wish to earn extra money, for students, or for those whose employment situation after the shutdown is uncertain. Census takers must be at least 18 years of age and US citizens. Interested individuals may apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs

Census takers play a critical role in helping the Census get an accurate count. I’m sure you’re aware of the important role the Census plays in apportionment of representation in Congress and allocation of federal funding to states and communities for education, social programs, healthcare, roads, etc.

Census field operations are currently suspended and so are the selection and hiring processes, but online applications are still being sought. When the stay at home orders are lifted and operations resume, the Census will need to rapidly ramp up its operations by selecting, hiring, and training the census takers needed to complete the 2020 Census. All interested individuals are encouraged to apply.

Please communicate with Stephen Marshall, Recruiting Assistant,  US Census Bureau by phone at (530) 218-0030 or by e-mail at stephen.a.marshall@2020census.gov if you have questions.