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ENHS Grades, Transcripts, Dates etc.

overall guidance

overall guidance

We plan to support our students, families, and staff by:
     ●       Balancing compassion, rigor, support, and flexibility;
     ●       Focusing on priority skills and checks for understanding that prepare students for the next level of learning; 
     ●       All completion based projects and assignments.
     ●       Allowing students to show their understanding in varied ways;
     ●       Prioritizing meaningful feedback to students about their progress; and
     ●       Organizing learning environments so students who are at risk of not meeting academic targets will be closely monitored and supported.
secondary grading expectations

secondary grading expectations

     ●       Progress report grades will reflect the grades posted on March 16th and be mailed by April 24th.
     ●       Teachers will enter student grades in the Aeries gradebook just as they did pre-COVID. 
     ●       Grades will still be displayed in Aeries as letter grades and will remain so until final grades are posted.
     ●       Final second semester grades will be recorded as Pass/Fail, to be posted to student transcripts.  However, parents and students will have the option to replace the Pass/Fail with the student’s final letter grade, to be posted to their transcript.*
    *Information will be coming out soon to allow a parent to change the student’s final grade to a letter grade at the end of the semester.
 The table below can help parents understand where their student’s March 16th grade status fits in these grading expectations.  Per the CDE guidelines requiring the District to hold students harmless, if a student is passing each class prior to March 16th the student cannot fail any of those classes (see scenario table below).
table of important dates for grades