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Good Morning Spartans Family, 

I am pleased to announce that earlier this week our board approved the recommended teachers that surfaced during our exhaustive interviews.  I want to thank everyone in our Spartan family for contributing in one fashion on another during this process.  At the end of the day, it is ultimately my and our admin team’s responsibility to select the best individuals for our site.  I listened to all the opinions and impressions from multiple individuals and was able to incorporate much of that information into our decision making process. At our last board meeting the following individuals were confirmed to be hired. 

As I previously mentioned, this is a large group of individuals to come in at once.  I am convinced and have full faith these individuals will hit the ground running and do a great job.  There will be an adjustment period and change is always difficult.  It will take a bit of time for our students to get to know them.  It will take time for us to get to know them as well. I plan on having multiple meetings with our new and young staff to create opportunities for growth, share ideas, and ensure that they understand our Spartan 'Way'.  Please be patient as this process unfolds.  

On June 17th at 5:00 pm I am hoping to have our entire new hires meet in the MPR for a meet and greet before our board meeting. All of our community will be invited to this function. I will send out an invite late next week.


Neil Stinson will be leaving the classroom and assuming the duties of our newly created position of Director of Student Services.  Neil will be replacing Mr. Rowe who has accepted a new role in Yuba City. Mr. Geivett will be our other Director of Student Services. We will  Neil will be primarily in charge of Athletics, oversee the AG department, communicate with our activities director, continue our drive to foster our positive culture and climate, and other normal administrator duties.  Neil is well known in this community and has long ties to this area.  We are very fortunate to have an individual with his organizational, wisdom, experience, passion for students and local knowledge to become part of our administration team.  Neill will continue to coach football and softball.


Brenna Geide is a first year teacher coming from student teaching in Rocklin. She comes highly recommended and is highly motivated to work in our small school setting.  She also has experience coaching softball and soccer.  She put other districts, who had offered her a position, on hold waiting for us to make our decision.  She is motivated, pleasant and has high expectations for herself and her students. 

Joseph Malloth is a second year teacher who holds two credentials in English and History.  He will split his time between these two content areas.  Joseph currently lives in the Tracy area and he and his wife are expecting their first child.  They are moving to the Lincoln area to be near their families.  Joseph is a multi-faceted instructor in that he is polished in speech and debate, is a poet, has coached baseball, writes short stories, and has drama experience.  



Devinn Partain is a recent graduate in biology from Humboldt state.  Devinn is a local area graduate and knows our area.  This will be her first position and she is also in the highly touted Sacramento County Induction cohort that allows new teachers the opportunity for significant and ongoing professional development during their first years of instruction.  Devinn will be teaching all of our regular science courses this year. Devinn's infectious energy and enthusiasm will be immediately felt on campus. 


Kramer Hagan will be our new PE instructor who will specialize, like the departing Mr. Holmes, almost exclusively in our weights classes.  Kramer was a scholarship quarterback who played at Portland State and Azusa Pacific.  Kramer has significant football coaching experience as well.  He has coached at the collegiate and high school levels with a stint as an interim head coach at his alma mater of Capital Christian.  Kramer and his wife are expecting their third child next week.  He has told me this is a dream come true for him to be at such and amazing school with a rich tradition of athletics and is excited to become part of the fabric of our Big Red culture, our PE classes and our football program. Kramer is a passionate and considerate man and although we will never find another Jordan, Kramer has the personality to move in that direction. 

World Languages

Very difficult to replace any of our departing staff, but finding a German teacher to carry on for Mrs. Heinberger I thought would be impossible. Melissa Milligen, who so capably subbed during Mrs. Heinbergers time away, has a German degree from the University of Michigan.  Melissa is a world traveler and has recently earned her PHD in Celtic studies.  Her broad and rich background will serve us well in the World Language department and possibly adding a few new course offerings. 

AG Sciences

After sorting through a very talented pool of applicants for our AG program we have centered on to individuals:

Jessica Patrick is a Yuba City native and graduated from River Valley High School, Jessica has an infectious enthusiasm and is talented in multiple areas of AG (mechanics, plant and soil, species, and sciences).  Jessica has recently completed her student teaching at Bear River and Sutter High School. Jessica and our other AG instructor will hit the ground running and will take over all duties (FFA, Fair, species advisor, etc.) immediately.  

Our other AG instructor is a familiar name to East Nicolaus.  Allana Smith will be coming home to Spartan Nation. Allana spent the last year at River Valley High School and has mentioned that her move there allowed her, in her own words, grow dramatically as a professional.  She is incredibly eager and excited to come back to her alma mater and work with Ms. Patrick. 

These two individuals will immediately assume the reins of our AG program.  They will be messaging out their respective roles as a team to positively drive our AG department into the future.  Neil Stinson, our new director of Student Services will be the primary administrator overseeing the AG department in the future.   


We have yet to fill this position. 


Thank you for your patience during this process.  I look forward to saying goodbye and telling everyone this afternoon:

As always thanks for all you do!!!!





Hello Spartan Families,

I hope that this message finds you well on this beautiful Sunday.  I wanted to reach out and inform our parents of our last week’s events and to briefly discuss the past, present, and the future. 

This week we have our finals all week with two events at the end of the week.  In terms of release times they vary a bit.  Monday: 2:35, Tuesday and Wednesday: 12:35 Thursday is our Pool day where we will be at the community Pool all day until 2:00 pm, and then Friday we release at 12:35 with our graduation at 7:00 pm at our stadium. 

This has been an amazing year for me personally.  I am so fortunate to have interacted with all in the Nicolaus community.  Our students are bright, articulate, respectful, and I am confident they will become productive and active citizens in their futures.  I have met so many parents and have found your commitment and passion for your child’s education incredibly refreshing.  I want to thank for your continued support and allowing me to guide your children while leading this beautiful school. 

As many of you have heard, we have a number of teachers who have announced they are leaving for other opportunities. We are actively working and in the process of staffing our school for next year. I am sure that this caused many of you to wonder why so many in such a short time.  The education business is cyclical.  California has seen significant economic growth over the past 10 years.  When the economy is good, educational districts are open to hiring new personnel. Coupled with a significant teacher and administrator shortage in California this creates opportunities for teachers and administrators.  Our teachers, who have decided to embrace opportunities in other systems, have all told me they are leaving to be closer to home and their families, embrace administrative opportunities, and embrace new challenges.  They have all told me they will deeply miss East Nicolaus, our community, and our students.  I have told each and every one I wish them the very best in their new endeavors. 

We have spent the last week interviewing teachers to fill most of our open positions.  There was a broad representation from all aspects of our community and school during these interviews. I want to thank them for their participation and input.  Each position had deep pools of talented applicants.  Ultimately, as the leader of our school, it is my humble responsibility to select the best possible future teachers for East Nicolaus High School students and community.  We are excited that we have found numerous individuals to fill our open positions who are passionate, student centered, strong in their content, and those who will embody our Spartan spirit. Our staff will look different next year that is certain.  Change is difficult, yet it is a constant in the current educational climate.  I want assure all of our parents that WE will come together as a team and our focus will ALWAYS be on ensuring our young Spartans achieving their academic and extracurricular success.  Pending ENJUHSD Board approval, I will reach out and announce their names with brief bios on each new teacher.

Thank you again and as always please call me for any questions, concerns, and thoughts you may have had.

Sincerely Yours,


Mark Beebe

Superintendent East Nicolaus High School