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Questions and Answers Regarding School Closure

Q-  Will the length of the school closure be extended?

A -  As of right now we are planning on a return to classes on April 15th. As new and or any information becomes available we will immediately make an announcement.

Q -   Will students be provided school work during the closure?

A – We are working on providing Online resources that we will post on our website. Resources will continue to evolve if students are to be out of school for a more extended period of time. As of right now, we are hopeful that our Spartans will take advantage of the online resources posted on our website and the English opportunity that we are offering through google classroom. These are resources for continued learning and our hope that our Spartans take advantage of the online resources and the English opportunity for continued learning; however please know that, at this time, we are not being asked to complete work to be graded at this time.

Q -  What if we do not have a computer to be able to do school work?

A -  If our situation changes and our time away is extended after April 14th, we will have a plan for extended and distance learning, online and hard copy packet learning for all of our students. This will allow us to be able to serve ALL of our students no matter their technological and internet dynamic.

Q - How will the closure affect our students moving to their next grade?

A - This is my biggest concern beyond the physical health of everyone. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that the closure will have a negative impact on the educational and social development of our students.  How significant that will be depends on how long we are closed. We will be doing everything that we can to support our students through this situation, and reopen school the very earliest possible.

Q-  Will the date of Spring Break be changed?

A - No. Spring Break is scheduled for April 6-10 and will not change even if we open before then.

Q - What about Graduation?  Will it be held as scheduled?

A - We absolutely want to be able to hold our Graduation Ceremony as scheduled.  We believe that Graduation, like ALL of yearly events, will be dependent on what direction we receive from the State or Federal Governments.

Q - Will we be able to feed students during the closure?

A - Yes. Meals for students who want them in our community will be available from 11:00 – 11:30  at Watson Storage and from 12:00 – 12:30 at Sammie’s. Admin from ENHS will be delivering and handing out the meals. J


Q - How can I contact the District if I need something?

A - Email any questions, requests, suggestions, or other items to school at spartan.questions@eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us.  This account will be checked daily. 

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Questions and Answers for Tech Issues


Q - Why does my cell phone hotspot keep losing the connection?

A - Cell phone hotspot functions are affected by incoming/outgoing calls and notifications. For best results, turn off all other phone services while you are in hotspot mode.

Q - I am having trouble joining my Google Classroom.

A - Make sure you have logged into Google from a computer connected to the Net using your school account. Your user name will take the format firstname.lastname@eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us. Enter the password you normally use at school for your school account.

Next step, look for the "Waffle" in the top right corner of the screen. Click on "Classroom" in the pane that opens. In the next window, look for a "Plus sign". Click it to Join a classroom. The class will appear in your "Grid" ready for your next use. The new classroom will be there for you next time you need it. Need a Join Code? Your teacher can supply it or you can find what you need here https://www.eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/?q=node/447

Here is a link to a full tutorial from Google... https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6020297?co=GENIE.Platfor...

Q - How do I submit my work to Google Classroom?

Here is a link to a short tutorial - HOW TO: Submit an assignment to Google Classroom


Q - What should I do if I cannot get online at home?

A - WiFi is available on campus during daytime hours if you are willing to access it from your car while parked in the parking lot. Please be aware of the need to distance while in the lot.