Dear Spartan Students and Families,


Good evening Spartan Families and students. I truly hope this message finds you as well as can be expected.  Tonight's message will be about our grading expectations.  There is no system anywhere that has truly perfected their response. I have tried to balance this situation with flexibility, expected engagement, accountability, and with our student’s best interests at heart. I am sure that many will wonder why this way and others are doing it this way. We will be flexible, we will work with our students, and we will guide them through his.  We do need our Spartans to access their Google classrooms and engage with our staff and the assignments as much as possible based on the schedule I presented yesterday.   So as a recap, in response to the extended suspension of normal district operations due to the Covid-19 health crisis, ENJUHSD leaders and staff have spent the past few weeks developing a Distance Learning Plan, Expectations, and Grading platform.  Our aim for learning to continue as successfully as possible, with support and feedback for all students, while also ensuring that no student is negatively impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, ENJUHSD closed its schools on March 16th, 2020. The ENHS Distance Learning Grading Expectations include work assigned on or after April 20th and will be in effect until at least May 1st and very possibly for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  The California Department of Education (CDE), in conjunction with the University of California and California State University decision to allow Pass/Fail grades on transcripts, has affirmed that each school district has the local authority to determine the grading criteria that best fits the needs of the district and its students. ENJUHSD staff, including teachers and administrators, thoroughly considered all the current conditions that could influence any decision about grades.  We are confident that the adjusted grading expectations outlined below will meet the needs of our students in these complex times. We are also committed to understanding that this situation is unparalleled in our time.  We will be understanding and flexible in this situation.  All we ask is that our Spartans, like always, do their best, be kind, and ask for help.

The Distance Learning Grading Expectations and Important Dates are detailed below and on our website.  Should you have questions, please email us at or need any technology help please send an email to so we may assist.

Sincerely Yours,

Mark Beebe

Superintendent Principal



  We plan to support our students, families, and staff by:

     ●       Balancing compassion, rigor, support, and flexibility;

     ●       Focusing on priority skills and checks for understanding that prepare students for the next level of learning; 

     ●       All completion based projects and assignments.

     ●       Allowing students to show their understanding in varied ways;

     ●       Prioritizing meaningful feedback to students about their progress; and

     ●       Organizing learning environments so students who are at risk of not meeting academic targets will be closely monitored and supported.

  Secondary Grading Expectations:

     ●       Progress report grades will reflect the grades posted on March 16th and be mailed by April 24th.

     ●       Teachers will enter student grades in the Aeries gradebook just as they did pre-COVID. 

     ●       Grades will still be displayed in Aeries as letter grades and will remain so until final grades are posted.

     ●       Final second semester grades will be recorded as Pass/Fail, to be posted to student transcripts.  However, parents and students will have the option to replace the Pass/Fail with the student’s final letter grade, to be posted to their transcript.*

    *Information will be coming out soon to allow a parent to change the student’s final grade to a letter grade at the end of the semester.

 The table below can help parents understand where their student’s March 16th grade status fits in these grading expectations.  Per the CDE guidelines requiring the District to hold students harmless, if a student is passing each class prior to March 16th the student cannot fail any of those classes (see scenario table below).






 Hello Spartan Students and Parents

At this time we are in 'stop and start' mode academically.  What this means is that it is basically a very early semester break.  I have asked our English department to provide an optional educational assignment based on work already being done in their respective classes as an extended learning opportunity to all of our students.  English is the only consistent class ALL of our students share in common. I would like and hope that our students to continue with their ELA skills with an assignment at each grade level; however, we also know that many of our students have varying dynamics with working at home, online variables, and other matters subsequently, it is an optional assignment.

I want to ensure clarity that if a student feels they were assigned an assignment to be done over the next three weeks, this assignment is now ‘optional’. We will give all students reasonable options and time to complete this work upon their return. I apologize if any of our students and parents did not receive a clear message upon our closure and I am hopeful this clears up any confusion.

We have provided broad educational resources for our students online at and a non-graded, optional English assignment for the next three weeks.  

All student grades as of Monday March 16th will be frozen with no new grading and or assignments expected, except for the assignments that had already been collected and not entered into Aeries. Please know that I have spoken and will continue to discuss with our staff regarding how we will navigate this issue benevolently and with our student’s best interests in mind now, as we return, and in the future.

Please visit our website at for as much information as we can provide.


Mark BB




East Nicolaus High School Educational Resources

  Digital Public Library of America

  Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


 Khan Academy


9th - 12th Grade Resources

All resources listed allow free access at this time


English Language Arts



Newsela - Access articles and correspondence assignments.  Can create a class to assign specific assignments through Google, Microsoft or Clever.





Newsela - Access articles and correspondence assignments.  Can create a class to assign specific assignments through Google, Microsoft or Clever. 

Kahn Academy - provides math support for students Kinder-High School.


Science & Agriculture



Newsela - Access articles and correspondence assignments.  You can create a class to assign specific assignments through Google, Microsoft or Clever.

Biology simulations with accompanying curriculum.

Virtual Farm Field Trips

Virtual Farm Field Trips.


Lessons around TEDEd Talks - Includes a video and questions to think about and dig deeper.

STEM Activities

77 (more) Simple STEM Activities for families to do at home.

Remote Science Learning Activities - Link to several different remote learning activities. Lots of variety from extracting DNA to virtual field trips.


History Social Science



Newsela - Access articles and correspondence assignments.  Can create a class to assign specific assignments through Google, Microsoft or Clever.

Big History Project - Free, online social studies course.

Economics & Finance - Kahn Academy lessons on economics and finance

History, Government, music and art lessons. - Kahn Academy


Students with Disabilities



Apps to support students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, have reading difficulties or just want something fun and different. 





Newsela - Access articles and correspondence assignments.  Can create a class to assign specific assignments through Google, Microsoft or Clever

Duolingo - Learn a language through short online lessons.

Art Hub for Kids - Art lessons including drawing, painting, origami and more.

Typing - Free resource to teach typing.


PBS KVIE Channel Television

With the recent announcement of school closures across the state, California PBS stations have developed a statewide home learning resource that is accessible while campuses are closed. These programs are specifically aligned with curriculum priorities in the state of California.

Starting on Monday, March 16, KVIE2 will air educational programs specifically for kids in grades Pre-K through 12 from 6AM to 6PM. 


Please our FAQ Page for answers to other questions you may have.