Laurie Goss Honored at The Capitol

Laurie Goss was honored at the State Capitol when Assemblyman James Gallagher welcomed 35 ENHS students and staff members into the Assembly chambers, March 15, 2018. As an agenda item, he spoke at length, describing her hard working and much respected life as an AG teacher here at East Nicolaus. At one point, touched by great emotion, Mr. Gallagher referred to Laurie as "Momma Goss", an unmistakable display of his love and reverence for his long time mentor at ENHS. He encouraged each to be "Goss Strong" in her honor. Mr. Gallagher also presented representatives of the Goss family with a beautifully framed copy of an official Resolution which had been read on the floor and entered into the official record. Our students are to be congratulated as this pertains to the respect and decorum with which they conducted themselves during all facets of this trip to the Capitol.

California State Capitol