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Aeries Parent Portal Instructions

Aeries Parent Portal is an online tool that lets you keep up with your student's progress. It tracks grades, attendance, course history, discipline issues, and demographic and health/immunization data for you to see. You can also choose to receive automatic e-mail notification of unexcused absences, tardies or discipline incidents. While it is not a real-time grade tracker, it is a helpful tool for helping parents keep up with their students’ academic life.

To create your parent portal: Go to

Click on the “create new account” line

Select “parent” or "student" accountdepending on your needs.

You will be asked to enter your email address and a password.

 ► After this step an email verification will be sent to your email address. You will need to click “accept” in this email to proceed.

The registration process will now ask for your student’s permanent ID number, the telephone number associated with the student account and the verification code. If you do not have this data from back-to-school night, please communicate with the office by phone at 530-656-2255 or by email at for assistance.

Next, the parent portal will list every contact record for your child and a prompt that asks “which record represents you?”

If a record is chosen, the email address for that contact record will be changed to the email address of this account. If that contact record already has an email address, an email will be sent to the old email address informing the owner of that email that the email address stored in Aeries has been changed and if there is a concern about this change, please contact the school.

Your aeries account has now been created.

Parent Portal Access Click here to access the Aeries Parent Portal.